Hi, my name is Nithin Jois.

My interest in technology was sparked when I was trying to fix my dad’s old computer that I found in the garage early in 2009.

Breaking things and fixing them has always fascinated me and eventually that evolved into a love for breaking into things and eventually securing them. Once I figured out that not everyone can do what seemed to come naturally to me, security became my obsession - in a good way.

I grew up enamoured by weapons and in particular my fascination towards firearms led me to take up lessons on a gun range for over a year(Yes, I’m a certified straight shooter) and pursue a Mechanical Engineering degree in college to help me get a better understanding about the intricate details regarding how they work.

Eventually, I realised that I was not getting along with my country’s education system and decided to drop out of college. With the help of the internet and a few friends, I taught myself to code and have immersed myself into security ever since.

Since then, I have been in the process of dabbling around with multiple things and the idea behind this website is to have a compendium around some of the projects I’m working on, topics that fascinate me, my thought process and notes for my future self. I am interested in technology, startups, psychology and a lot of other things.